Is Operamanager.com a free consultation service?
No, it is reserved for professionals of the lyric stage. OperaManager.com is not a public service and can be accessed only by subscribers.

Who can subscribe?
Theatres, agencies, singers, conductors, directors, set designers, costume designers, choreographers, and lighting designers.

Is Operamanager.com an online representation agency?
No, OperaManager.com is not a representation service for subscribed artists. It does not receive any remuneration or commission for singers or performances, and does not intervene in any way in the report of contracts. OperaManager.com’s goal is to offer the best mode of research, comparison, and communication projected for the specific needs of lyric stage professionals, thereby allowing them to save management costs and simplifying the relationship between all those involved.

Why should I subscribe my theatre?
OperaManager.com consents the online managment of your own data (individual, theatre card, programme information, rental stagings). All information provided will be processed in real time of the search engines and organized according to the professional needs specified. In a few seconds, it is thus possible to retrieve information about the availability, experience, or timetable of all the artists whose information has been updated in our database. It also helps you evaluate the compatibility of a production with your stage, resulting in enormous savings of time and money during the preliminary phases of the relationship.

How is the information organized?
In sections: Theatres Artists Agencies
  1. Personal users card
2. Theatre card
3. Productions
4. Stagings
1. Personal card
2. Repertoire
3. Agenda
1. Agenda
2. Society card
3. Represented artists
4. Agenda artist engagements

Am I required to send material by post?
Every user affiliated with the theatre must send the signed contract and a copy of his ID card. The first subscriber from a theatre sends a copy of the bank transfer (not necessary for credit card users) and billing information along with this documentation. All the entry operations, simplified by the use of our database, can be performed online using your PC. You can access the service by entering your username and password, which will be activated when your registration is approved.

Who updates the data?   
Every subscriber for the theatre can update his own information and that of the theatre. The technical stage card (12 coefficients) and the sets available for rental to other theatres can be compiled by scenic director. All operations are sustained by the interaction of our database and do not require computer skills. They are fast and intuitive.

Are the password and the username confidential?   
Absolutely yes: to reveal your login information would allow a third party to alteryour information and that of your theatre, to effect payment requests, and to send correspondence and SMS messages to other users under your name. The regular subscriber will ultimately be held responsible for any completed operation.

What if somebody attempts to subscribe individually, using the name of a theatre?
Before activation, every registering user’s identity will be verified personally by a qualified member of OperaManager.com. Subscribers whose information cannot be verified or who do not present information for verification are ineligible to be considered for membership.

Why do I have to provide my E-mail address?   
When your registration is confirmed, you will receive an e-mail address in OperaManager.com. This address links to the address inserted in “confidential information”. It remains reserved for you and can be modified as you wish at any time by choosing “Modify” under the main menu on your personal card. This way, you can use the means of communication preferred by Operamanager.com. An analogous e-mail address will be assigned to subscribed theatres.

Why do I have to provide the number of my mobile phone?
Because this way you can send/receive SMS messages for/from other subscribers. The mobile phone numbers will be converted in a code, usable only by our services. To send an SMS message you must utilize the interface of OperaManager.com. “Send SMS”. This is activated by clicking on the SMS code, found on every member’s card, which inserts the text, signs, and sends.

What if a director changes theatre or suspends his activity?
It is sufficient to send an e-mail to data-change@operamanager.comindicating the departing director and the new director, modifyng information on the theatre’s card. The new director, if he has not yet registered with another theatre, must register and send to the requested documents (signed service contract, and copy of ID card) OperaManager.com to activate name a new account with the theatre under his name. This procedure does not entail any responsibilities.

Why do I have to include my theatre’s entire season?
So they can be processed by the search programme and the Virtual Company©.

What is a virtual company?

This is one of the exclusive programmes of OperaManager.com: when you enter an opera title, the performance venue, the complete production period, and the days the recitals appear, you will also access a list of roles and voice types in this opera. For every role, the total number of singers who already have sung the role (column “prod.”: information provided by a theatre), or those who have the role in their repertoire (in brackets, column “rep.”: information provided by singers), will appear in the right-hand column.

When you enter in one of these sections, a nominative list of singers appears organized according to their experience in the specific roles; the availability column shows whether they are free or engaged for the selected period, according to the information the singer has provided. The availability indication links to the daily engagments of the singer, deduced from their provided information. If the resulting singer is connected to one or more agencies, the card belonging to the agency representing the singer at the selected venue will appear. The singer’s name is linked to his personal card, repertoire, and agenda of engagements. If you select one or more names, they will be viewed according to the singers’ roles in the opera. The “theatre bill” button gives you a printable version of the requested production information.

Multimailer function of the virtual company

Function of the virtual company reserved to the appointed general manager or artistic director of the selected theatre: once the virtual cast has been completed, the director can send a list of available roles in this opera to agents; or, if represented artists are not found, the list can be sent directly to singers, simply by pressing the MultiMailer button and confirming the sending. Every addressee receives a personal message; the sender receives a report of all sent messages.

How can I comunicate an emergency?
ToOperaManager.comaccessing to the subscribers card to which you want to send a message, clicking on SMS, writing your text and sending.
By mobile phone: send the message to the number +39.348.2491083, placing the subscriber’s SMS code before the number:
Example: "OM107555# I have to talk to you, please call me in Rome as fast as you can. Calvin Klein."
Sending this this message to the number +39.348.2491083 the addressee receives: "OM742011# I have to talk to you, please call me in Rome as fast as you can. Calvin Klein

1) The incoming call number must be viewed. Check your mobile phone before sending the message.
2) The mobile phone number from which you send the message must be the same one entered in your personal card.
3) If there is no valid phone number entered in either the personal card of the sender or that of the addressee, it will not be possible to send messages.

If the addressee wishes to respond with another message, he must use the code in the heading of the received message, which identifies the sender (for example: OM742011# which belongs to Calvin Klein) and sends the message to SMS service of OperaManager.com: +39.348.2491083.

What if I need assistance?
If you need an explanation for the procedure, please follow the OperaManager.com online manual, if you have difficulties entering information, please use the space found on the “Assistance” page. If you need further information, please call +39.051.279414 during business hours.

How to check my account status?
By accessing detailed accounting information about my theatre. After login, click on t he link “accounting situation”, which is present on every page.

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