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OperaManager.com Team
Riccardo Puglisi
Executiv Project
Devis Meneghelli - Callipigia S.r.l.
Program and DB developer

Ermanno Brugnoli - Callipigia S.r.l.
Direttore tecnico

Maurizio Cataldi - Callipigia S.r.l.
DB administrator

Giuseppe Buono - Callipigia S.r.l.
Web designer

Mattia Bonafé - Callipigia S.r.l.
Graphic and web designer

Alessio De Feudis - Callipigia S.r.l.
Graphic, web designer

Paola Davi - Callipigia S.r.l.

OperaManager.com c/o Callipigia S.r.l.
Galleria del Toro 3 (40121) Bologna - Italy
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