Frequently Asked Questions: Artist
Can anyone use OperaManager?
No. is specifically for opera professionals.'s services are not available to the general public. You will never be approached by anyone who is not a registered user of

Who can register?
Theatres, Agencies, Singers, Conductors, Directors, Set Designers, Costume Designers, Choreographers, and Lighting Designers.

Is an online Agency?
No, does not represent registered Artists, does not retain a percentage of your fees, and does not negotiate contracts. The purpose of is to provide the best service for search, comparison, and communication tailored to the specific needs of working opera professionals, allowing a real reduction of the costs of management, and organizing and simplifying the relationships among all those involved in the opera industry.

Why should I register? allows online management of your own information (personal, repertoire, and schedule). All data included are processed in real time by our search program, and organized functionally to the needs of industry professionals. In a few seconds, it is possible to view, for example, information on the availability and experience in any role or schedule of all the Artists for which data is included in the database.

If I am already represented by an Agent, can I still register?
Certainly. Registered Agents who declare their represenation of you have joint access to the data relating to the Repertoire and Schedules of their singers. In case an Artist were to be represented by more than one Agency, OperaManager's management system will administer the data conveyed to the Agents in their geographic areas of representation.

How is the information organized?
In sections: Theatres Artists Agencies
  1. Personal information page
2. Theatre information page
3. Productions
4. Sets
1. Personal information page
2. Repertoire
3. Schedule
1. User personal information page
2. Company schedule
3. Artists represented
4. Represented Artists' schedules

Must I send my materials through the mail?
Only the signed contract, along with a copy of your photo ID and your billing information. Entering and updating your data is simplified by interaction with our database, and may be performed online using your own computer, your username, and your password, which are activated upon registration.

Are my username and password personal to me?
Absolutely: Revealing your login information to third parties would give them the ability modify to your personal information, to request paid services and to send correspondence and SMS messages to other registered users in your name. Every operation done by means of a user login is the responsibility of the account holder.

What if someone wants to register in my name without my permission?
Every registration, before being activated, will be personally verified by a representative of Registration by those who cannot provide identfication will not be considered.

Why must I include my E-mail?
At the time your registration is confirmed, you will be assigned an e-mail address. This address will redirect e-mail to the e-mail address which you include in the "confidential data" field. You will be able to modify this information at any time by accessing your personal information page through the "Modify" menu. In this way, you will be able to use the preferential communication channels of

Why must I include my cell phone number?
So that you may send and receive SMS messages to or from other registered users. Cell numbers will be converted into a code usable only by our service.'s SMS sending interface, "Send SMS", is activated by clicking on the SMS number appearing on the personal information page of each registered user, entering text, signing, and sending.

Why must I include my repertoire and my employment history? 
So that it can be processed by our search engine, and, if the user is a Singer, by the Virtual Company©.

What is the Virtual Company?
It is one of's exclusive features: Entering the title of an opera, the address of an agency, the complete period of production and the dates of performances produces the roles and voice types of that opera as presented in's database, and, to the left of the table, for every role, the total number of singers who have sung the role ("Production data provided by Theatres" column) or those who may have them in their repertoire (between parentheses, "Repertoire data provided by Singers" column). Entering one of these sections will bring up a list of names of Singers, ordered by their experience in each role. The "Availability" column indicates if the Singer is free or busy within a certain period. If the Singer turns out to be connected to one or more Agents, a link to the pre-selected Representative Schedule will appear. The name of the Singer is linked to their own Personal Information Page, and to the Repertoire and the Schedule of their employment. Selecting one or more names will produce a list of corresponding opera roles. The "Poster" button produces a printable version of the hypothetical production.

MultiMailer function of the Virtual Company:
The virtual cast completed, a Director (this functionality is reserved exclusively for Administrators and Artistic Directors working with Theatres) is able send via E-mail to all Representatives (or directly to the Artists, if the Artists are not represented), a request for availability of a specific performer, for a specific opera, role, Theatre, and period, simply by clicking the MultiMailer© button and confirming. A personalized user message will be added to every outgoing message, and the sender will have a record of all messages sent.

What if I want to take some time off, I have personal business, or I don't want to reveal my schedule to Theatres?
You may indicate on your schedule for that period that you are occupied on "personal business", informing theatres that you are unavailable, but not indicating why.

How can I communicate urgent messages?
From, simply go to the personal information page of the person with whom you wish to communicate, click on the SMS link, write your message, sign, and send.
With any cell phone, send the message to +39.348.2491083 and enter the SMS code of the user:
Example: OM107555#I have to talk to you, call me in Rome when you can. Mario Rossi
Sending this message to +39.348.2491083, the recipient will receive: OM742011#I have to talk to you, call me in Rome when you can. Mario Rossi

1) The number of the caller must be made visible. Verify the setup of the cell phone before sending the message.
2) The cell phone number from which you send the message must be the same as the one listed in your personal information page.
3) When there is not a valid number included in your personal information page, or in that of the recipients's, it will not possible to send the SMS message.
If the recipient wants to respond with another message from his cell phone using the number in the message he has received identifying the sender (for example: OM742011# which corresponds to the user mario Rossi), the message will be sent to the's SMS Service number: +39.348.2491083.

If I need help?
If you would like clarification on these procedures, consult's Online Manual. If you have trouble entering your data using our forms, click on "Help." If you would like further clarification, you may call +39.051.279414 during office hours.

How can I check my status?
Log in and enter the Account Status section of the website. There is a link on every page to Account Status.

Are there any other services of this kind in the world?

I have other questions.
Use the form to send us your questions -- we will respond to you as soon as possible.

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